4WDining cannot accept any bookings without a reservation form, which indicates your understanding of the terms and conditions of the reservation.


To make a tour booking please consider the following:


1. Check availability for your chosen dates by telephone, email or via the website.


2. Read terms and conditions below.


3. By paying your booking fee this indicates your understanding and acceptance of terms and conditions of taking part in a 4WDining tour.   When registering  your trip this website will ask you to fill out the reservation form as required,  containing your name, contact details and meal selections etc. with name of the organiser on top (in the case of Group bookings). PayPal will email you a receipt and your reservation is complete and you will be emailed a confirmation from the website.


3a. Please note: No financial or credit card details are collected or stored by our website.  All financial transactions are carried out through PayPal secure banking portal. (All credit cards are excepted by PayPal)


4. You do not require a PayPal account to make payments.  Payments can be made using your own credit card, which will be processed by PayPal.



1. Whilst every reasonable effort will be made to ensure quality tours for the client, our programmed itinerary is subject to weather conditions.  If we judge a route to be unsafe due to either bushfire proximity, high river crossings or muddy tracks we may at short notice change the itinerary and or duration of a tour.  If the weather conditions, bushfire risk, flooding, mechanical breakdowns, road closures or any other variable beyond our control mean we have to change or cancel any tour in part or in full, the amount, if any, of any refund is at our discretion.


2. Drink Driving. 4WDining has a strict zero-tolerance for drinking and driving.  While the vast majority of our customers are responsible people with no intention of taking a risk like this, we need to be clear that anyone thought to be consuming excess alcohol in the campsite will be required to pass a breathalyzer test prior to departure.  


3. Anti Social Behavior. 4WDining tours are designed to be safe and enjoyable for people of all ages and all backgrounds.  Any customer engaging in behavior that makes other customers feel uncomfortable or offended will be given a single warning and if the behavior continues, they will not be allowed to continue on the tour, with any refund to be at the discretion of 4WDining.


4. Any breakages, loss of equipment provided or damage to 4WDining property caused as a result of client misbehaviour, irresponsibility or carelessness will be charged to the client.


5. It is the responsibility of all participants to advise 4WDining and it’s operators, of any special dietary requirements or allergies at the time of booking.


6. We do everything we can to make sure we stick to our schedule but we can’t guarantee arrival and departure times.


7. In the event of a mechanical breakdown we can provide transport for all passengers in that vehicle to the nearest town but any costs involved in the repair and recovery of the vehicle must be born by the customer.


8. We reserve the right to decline to accept or retain any person, at any time, that person not being eligible for any refund nor 4WDining liable for any expenses incurred. Reasons for this include but are not limited to, the person or their actions appear likely to endanger the health safety or comfort of other participants.  


9. If a participant fails to join the tour, joins after it has begun or leaves prior to completion, no refunds can be made.  


10. Any pre-existing medical or other condition which may affect the risk that a person may suffer injury, loss or damage must be disclosed to 4WDining prior to the tour departure,


11. Any photos or videos taken by 4WDining during the tour may be used in our advertising or on our website.  If you would prefer this not to happen just let us know in writing.


12. All vehicle participating in the tour must be currently registered, in roadworthy condition and covered by comprehensive insurance..


13. All drivers must have a current drivers license.


14. If any driver or passenger is found to be in possession of anything illegal, or engages in behaviour causing danger to themselves or other persons or property on the tour including consumption of alcohol to excess, 4WDining reserves the right to cancel that persons tour immediately and the authorities notified as may be necessary. Any such driver or passenger shall fully release, discharge and indemnify 4WDining from any liabilities, incidental costs or responsibility arising out of any breach of this condition.


15. The laws of Victoria shall govern any legal action or proceedings arising out of or connected with this contract.


16. 4WDining does not accept liability for any loss, damage, inconvenience, delay, injury, accident, illness, theft or negligence caused to any person, in the provision of services or failure to provide services.  We suggest that suitable travel insurance be purchased to cover these scenarios.




1. Safety procedures must be observed at all times. The 4WDining operator’s decision on the day is final in all matters relating to the tour.


2. Instructions or advice given by the 4WDining operator on matters of safety.


3. Adherence to road rules will be insisted on at all times.  Aggressive or unlawful driving practices will not be tolerated and may result in the instant cancellation of the tour and/or notification of breaches of the law to the relevant authority.


4. 4WDining and it’s operators and owners accept no liability for any illness caused from food allergies not notified at the registration and booking of a tour by any individual participating.


6. The laws of Victoria shall govern any legal action or proceedings arising out of or connected with this contract.



1. Prices are correct at time of publication on this website.


2. The person that appears on the Booking Form in making the booking, whether an individual or on behalf of a group (’The Group Leader’), is the client responsible for the whole of the fee he/she has undertaken to pay.


3. Cancellations cannot be accepted within 30 days of the start date of the tour booked.


4. Where a party member pulls out of the group booking, the Group Leader is responsible for the payment of that individual. If a replacement participant is made, the Group Leader must inform 4WDining of the change immediately, or make changes to the Registrant details in their online portal on the website.

5.  Deposits paid are non-refundable.  If your booking can be reallocated to another participant, your deposit can be transferred to another event within a 12 month period.  The balance owning on a tour is due 28 days prior to the commencement of a tour and is not refundable after this time.  We strongly recommend all our guests take out a travel insurance policy to cover themselves in the event of an unforseen cancellation.

6. Where the 4WDining operator cancels the event, guests will have the opportunity to transfer their booking to another tour.  If 4WDining are unable to offer an alternative arrangement that is satisfactory to the guest, all moneys will be refunded in full within 28 days. There is no allowance made for travel expenses (we advise travel insurance to avoid extra cost).